About Us


Our proud club is a friendly, multicultural Hunting and Target Shooting Club based in Sydney Australia.

Founded in August 1999 as The Hellenic-Australian Hunting and Target Shooting Club of NSW Inc was originally established to cater for Greek hunters and shooters in Sydney.

As the club grew in popularity the informal name of Hellenic Hunters was adopted. 

Today the club boasts over 500 active members from all nationalities and walks of life and is a well-run family friendly multicultural club that catering for hunters and target shooters of all levels of skill and experience.

Hellenic Hunters promote ethical conservation hunting practises and the value in sustainability of wildlife and envirnoment.

The improvement in member knowledge and skill is key to our regular seminars. 

We are registerd with the Firearms Registry as a Hunting Club as well as a Target/Sport Shooting club which asissts our members with Genuine Reason for a Firearms License.

Our peak governing body is with The NSW Shooting Association and we endorse the Firearms Safety and Training Council firearms pre qualification safety course.

We are an Department of Primary Industry  (DPI)  Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO) and provide the

Learning, Education and Accreditation Program (LEAP)  with our accredited trainers to assist in attaining a Restricted (R) Game Hunting Licence.

Our affiliationi with Western Sydney International Clay Target Club (WSICTC)  provides our members with clay shooting activities.

Hellenic Hunters welcome all hunters and target shooters regardless of level of knowledge and experience.