The majority of our club members are regular hunters and range in level of experience.

To assist in hunter education, our club runs regular monthly seminars that focus on teaching members hunting strategies, tips, techniques and methods used to become better hunters.

Previous/frequent seminar topics are:

  1. Deer Hunting
  2. Pig & Goat Hunting
  3. Pre-Hunting Preparation
  4. Survival Skills
  5. Field Dressing
  6. Butchering Techniques
  7. Ammunition and Re-Loading
  8. Hunting in State Forests
  9. Game Meat Recipes and Cooking Techniques


Guided Hunts

Our club also has registered hunting guides. These guides can take you out on the field and teach you how to hunt. Our guides are licenced with the DPI and are experienced in hunting a variety of game.

Please note that Hellenic Hunters Club does not arrange hunting trips.



Private Land Hunting

Learn how to hunt on Private Property. Before hunting on private property, it is important to learn hunting etiquette. Our club is a great source of knowledge to learn about how to hunt on private land. In all cases prior to hunting on Private Property you need to obtain clear permission from the landowner. Further to this you need to respect and abide by conditions set by the owner.


State Forest Hunting (only allowed by registered R-Licence holders)

Many of our club members are regular hunters on State Forest land. When you join our club, you will learn the finer details of hunting on State Forest land. Learn how to stay safe, hunt smart and all other facets of preparation. Hunting on public land is regulated and R-Licence holders need to use an online booking system to obtain prior permission before they can hunt in State Forests. Our club has many experienced State Forest hunters that are approachable, friendly and willing to teach and guide new members.