Firearm Safety Course

What is the Firearms Safety Course (Long-arms)?

Before you can apply for a NSW Firearms Licence or Minor’s Permit, you will need to complete and pass the Pre Qualification Firearms Safety Course (for Long Arms) and provide a ‘Genuine Reason’ to obtain a Firearms licence.

Our club facilitates Firearms Safety Courses weekly and is also approved by the Firearms Registry to provide its members Genuine Reason for Recreational Hunting and Target Shooting.

If you complete the firearms safety course and join our Club, then you effectively satisfy your genuine reason when applying for a firearms licence.

The Pre Qualification Firearm Safety Course we provide is endorsed by the NSW Firearms Safety and Training Council.

The course is a face-to face with power point presentation designed to educate in the safe handling, storage and transport of a firearm in accordance to the Legislative requirements (Firearm Act 1996 and Firearms Regulations 2017).

The course comprises of both a theory and a practical component.

The assessment is open book and consists of 20 multiple choice questions for adults, and 5 questions for minors. 

In preparation for the course please download a copy of P650 form below. This form needs to be completed and returned to establish eligibility in accordance with Legislation.

Once eligibility is established, confirmation of course time and date arranged and preparation study material will be provided.


When are the Hellenic Hunters Facilitated Firearms Safety Courses run?

Our courses are run every Thursday (excluding the first Thursday of every Month). Our courses are facilitated from the Bexley Golf Club, which is located in the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove, in Sydney’s south.


How much does the Firearms Safety Course cost?

Adults: $150

Students : $80


How can you pay for a course?

Preference is that you pre-pay for your course online by clicking on either of the links below. Once payment in confirmed, you can simply turn up on the night and do the course.





Study document for Firearms Safety tests:

Firearms (Longarms) Users Guide


Download Links

NSW Police P650 Form